Divorce & Family Law

What is Divorce & Family Law?

Ending a marriage can be a complex and delicate process. When getting a divorce, the parties must be prepared to discuss dividing assets and liabilities, child custody and child support, parenting plans, alimony, health and life insurance, and many other issues.

Every divorce is different. It may be uncontested, allowing for a smooth and relatively easy resolution. Uncontested divorces are often the result of out-of-court processes such as mediation and collaborative law, or litigation cases where the parties and their lawyers work cooperatively together to reach a settlement. Or a divorce may be contested and require a trial if an agreement cannot be reached.

Whatever your circumstances, our attorneys are highly experienced at helping individuals just like you through the often emotional and trying process. We understand what’s at stake and work closely with all parties to achieve a fair and satisfactory resolution for you, our client, as quickly as possible.

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