Criminal Defense Attorney

James Korman

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If you’ve been charged with a criminal offense in Massachusetts you probably feel fear, anxiety, and even apprehension about how to proceed, protect your rights, and ensure the best possible results. This is why you need the zealous and responsible advocacy of Jim Korman at each and every stage of your case! So take a deep breath; you’re in the right place.

What is Criminal Defense?

Criminal defense is a crucial part of the criminal justice system. In essence, criminal defense works to protect an individual’s rights throughout criminal proceedings while advocating for the best possible outcome.

Criminal charges can be incredibly serious and having a skilled and knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer on your side is critical. The first step is to choose an experienced and reputable attorney who has a thorough understanding of Massachusetts criminal law and procedure.

James Korman has the law experience and compassion to help you with charges such as:

    • Drunk driving
    • OUI/DUI Alcohol
    • OUI/DUI Drugs
    • All Motor Vehicles Charges
    • Drug Offenses
    • Assault and Battery Cases
    • 209A Domestic Relations Orders
    • Domestic Violence Allegations
    • Larcenies, Robberies and Theft
    • Sex Offenses

    What’s more: Jim is happy to help you understand and make the best choice concerning your charges, regardless of immigration status.

    How Can a Criminal Attorney Help You?

    An experienced criminal defense lawyer brings knowledge and experience to the process, helping ensure that those facing criminal charges are granted the fair trial they deserve under the law.

    You need an advocate of the law.

    When it comes to criminal defense, you need an assertive, responsible advocate. You need someone who understands how your criminal charge could impact more than just your record.

    Ultimately, James Korman is concerned with justice being served. You won’t find a more moral, responsive, or affordable defense lawyer in Worcester.

    You need an ethical professional.

    You’ve seen all the aggressive defense lawyers starring in countless Hollywood films; that’s not what you’ll get when you work with Attorney Jim Korman.

    With James, you’ll have a safe, ethical, and experienced lawyer who cares about you and the best interest of your case. He’ll be honest and highly responsive, as well as a zealous advocate and representative from arraignment through trial.

    You need a seasoned lawyer.

    From earning his law degree at Western New England Law School in Springfield, Massachusetts to teaching as a Professor of Legal Studies at an area college for over 20 years, you’ll never have to question whether Attorney Jim Korman has the experience needed to represent you.

    With an extensive trial background and continuing education to support him, James will compassionately and honestly counsel you based on your unique criminal case.

    Ready to get in touch?

    If you need a defense attorney for your criminal charge in Massachusetts, don’t hesitate to reach out to James Korman at (508) 612-9278 or by filling out the form below.